My Daily Alzheimer’s Plan of Attack

Focused on my future…….looking forward, not back.

Since my Mom and some of my other relatives have had Alzheimer’s and dementia, I have been thinking a lot about what I might be able to do differently that will allow me to have better quality of life for a longer period of time. I am a person who thoroughly researches everything. Coupled with this research and my family history, I have developed “My Alzheimer’s Plan of Attack”. Here it is:

1) Exercise 5-6 days a week (brisk walking, water aerobics, golf, line dancing, kayaking)

2) Nutrition: Use Weight Watchers to ensure I keep my weight at a healthy weight

A. Eat GMO free organic fruits and vegetables

B. I do not eat fish, therefore I will eat organic chicken or grass fed beef

C. Do not drink any soda of any kind

D. Put my body in a state of ketosis 3 times a week, by not eating any food until Noon

3) Eliminate environmental toxins

A. Use the Think Dirty app to help me eliminate toxins in my household products

B. Eliminate toxins in my makeup and products I use on my body (also Think Dirty). See my toxic brain post

C. Significantly reduce the # of vaccinations I have, unless they are free of metal

D. Do a detox of my body on a regular basis

4. Meditate

5. Ensure I get 8 hours of sleep a night without taking any sleep aid

A. Continue to use my Bose sleep buds which I LOVE!

6. Continue to focus on learning new skills (blogging, golfing, etc)

A. Challenge my mind

7. Complete my Brain HQ game 5-6 days a week

8. Live in the Moment……enjoy every day, and don’t worry! I’ve got this

9. Pray every day, and be grateful for every day I wake up.

10. Based on my research, the following supplements are helpful for brain health as well as numerous other medical conditions: Magnesium, Omega 3, Phosphatdyl Serine, Reservatrol, MCT oil, coconut oil, D3,  B12, COQ10………I take all of them. I have documented my daily brain health checklist.

11. Start every day with a lot of water hydration, and Vitamin D (hopefully sunlight)

I am very well aware, that this may NOT help me prolong my memory, but I certainly cannot count on the Aricept/Namenda medications that they have given Alzheimer’s patients for the last 15 years to help me. I am a true believer in “You are what you eat”. My plan above can ONLY help me in someway.  My full time job now (thankfully I am retired), is to ensure I am staying as healthy and fit as I can, and hopefully this will translate to brain health as well. It’s a different approach than my family members took, and I’m hoping it will have a positive outcome.  It’s all good. I GOT THIS!

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