My Medicine Condundrum

We all take medications, right? Some of us take more than others. Because I have several different medical conditions, I have taken a plethora of subscription medicines and supplements for the last 20 years. In the picture above is how I organize them. The box in the left stores up to 60 days worth of medication that I take in the morning and evening. The boxes on the left are the supplements I take. Top box is morning supplements and bottom box is evening supplements.

Why am I telling you this? Well for those of you who don’t know me, I am the most organized, methodical person you have ever met. I can multi-task like no one else. I have organized my medications every 60 days for the last 20 years with no issues. I have also had a spreadsheet that I have maintained for years of my medications that I keep in my car so when I go to the doctors I can just hand it to them.

A month ago when I went to fill my boxes I did it like I always do. However, after I was done and I sat and thought about it I realized that I was quite certain I didn’t do it correctly. I got confused and disoriented I think. I realized that this could be a dangerous situation. When my husband got home I informed him of the situation. We then put all the medications back in each container. The next day when I was feeling more confident, I sat down and updated my Excel spreadsheet documenting all my medications, and the doses and wrote down the process I use for filling the containers. These procedures can be used by my husband and caregivers going forward so that they can fill them instead of me in case I get confused or disoriented.

My sister in law then came over to visit. I trained her and my husband (using this documentation) on how to fill the container. They thought it was quite complex too, however I have been doing this every 60 days with no issues whatsoever for 20 years. Until now. Yesterday, I realized that not only do I have problems filling this big medicine box, I quite soon may have difficulty even deciding which ones I should grab in the morning and evening. I have my handy spreadsheet available in my closet where my meds are so I can follow it (hopefully I will remember to continue to look at it). Also, my husband and I have discussed it and decided this is such an important item, that he needs to “check my work”. I also have alarms set on my cell phone, and Alexa reminding me in the morning and evening that it is time for my medicine.

Oh the joys of having Early Onset Alzheimer’s.I am a master of organization and documenting things and using technology and I am not going to be beaten. I am confident I can come up with a “workaround” for everything…….until I can’t!

Not going down without a fight!

6 thoughts on “My Medicine Condundrum

  1. Hi Kelly! It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. I just caught up on your diagnosis and your blog. All I can say is, You go girl!! And thank you for doing this. Someone is going to be inspired and motivated by your work, attitude, and perseverance. You will be in my prayers as you implement your plan! Take care.


    1. Thank you, Shelly. I appreciate your note and your support. I am hoping I can bring awareness to this disease and help others. I hope you are doing well! Take care and thanks again.


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