My Glass Is Always Half Full (Even With Early Onset Alzheimer’s)

Many people have told me since I announced publicly that I have Alzheimer’s that I am an inspiration. They wonder how I can maintain such a positive attitude. The truth is I do not feel like an inspiration. I feel like a person who is trying to make the make the best out of a bad situation.

Many people faced with this situation, may fret and worry, and become deeply depressed and have anxiety. Occasionally I do have anxiety but I do not allow it to control me. I need to focus my energy on staying positive and focusing what I can do vs what I will not be able to do in the future. What I can do includes:

  • Live in the moment
  • Spend quality time with my friends and family
  • Enjoy the blessings that God has given me daily
  • Focus on my health by eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising
  • Preparing for the worst case scenario
  • Being a vocal advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness, educate and raise money for a cure. I could only do that by going public with my diagnosis
  • Complete my bucket list

Spending my time doing anything other than the things above, would not be time well spent by me. It would steal my joy and allow the disease to take control of me far sooner than it needs to. I may lose control of my mind eventually, but it is not going to be one second sooner than necessary, and you can be darn sure I am going to do everything I can to prevent it if at all possible. I simply am not having it. I hope I am setting a good example for my kids as well. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Going public with my diagnosis has already led me to meeting some pretty incredible people within the Alzheimer’s community. Also, my friends and family and even strangers have rallied around me and shown me tremendous support which really motivates me daily. Also, you never know when I might just meet the right person who may be able to help me with a new treatment or something else incredible. Miracles do happen. Why can’t they happen to me?

This approach is what works for me. It does not work for everyone. My attitude is what gets me through every day with a smile on my face, and grateful for every minute I have, and every breath I take. Attitude is everything. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it more than you know.

16 thoughts on “My Glass Is Always Half Full (Even With Early Onset Alzheimer’s)

  1. Kelly, you are such a talented writer. What you are giving to the world by writing this blog is so important — bringing the hidden experience of Alzheimer’s out into the open. You are truly living your best life.


    1. Thank you, Martha. I am living my best life. I wish things were different, but they aren’t so I am going to make the best of every day. Thanks for your support.


  2. Kelly I loved every word you wrote because you and I are on the same page!!! I’m 55 years old and I have EOA, MCI, Aphasia and suffer with Hemiplegic Headaches. I don’t have a choice on how I deal with my issues; I have to be positive!!! I surely don’t want to be sad and cranky. I take each day at a time. Please find my blog. I will follow you for sure.


    1. Hi there. Thank you for writing. I will definitely look at your blog. I am glad you are in a positive frame of mind. Are you involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. They are a great resource!


      1. I can’t find your blog. When I go to the URL mentioned above it takes me to an example site. What is the URL of your blog? Thanks.


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