My Class Reunion Goal

My 40th High School Class Reunion:
August 2019

In August 2019 I attended my 40th class reunion. It was great to connect with old friends that I had not seen in years. I have always enjoyed my class reunions.

This reunion was a bit different. Earlier in the year the Vice President of our class died from cancer. He was well liked and our leader in so many ways. Reality sets in that tomorrow is never promised and we aren’t getting any younger. His absence was recognized at the reunion and his presence was greatly missed.

The organizers of the reunion asked the attendees would we like to have another reunion in five or ten years? I got teary eyed realizing that it it is likely I may not be here in 10 years and if I am, what condition would I be in? The attendees voted for a reunion in five years.

At the end of the reunion, when everyone was hugging and saying goodbye, I was getting emotional and feeling melancholy again (see related post). Was this the last time I would see these people? Will this be my last reunion? I know no one is promised tomorrow, and I am no exception, but it is a bit frightening knowing that this very well maybe my last class reunion. I certainly hope not.

On my way home that night with my husband I told him my goal is to attend my five year and 10 year reunion and do so in relatively good cognitive health. A girl has to have goals right? I have something to work towards now and something to look forward to. I’ve got this. Alzheimer’s is not going to define me or steal my dreams. Hakuna Matata!

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