My Cobweb Strategy for Clearing my Brain

Historically, for the last 40 years of my life I was not a big fan of exercise. When the doctors would tell me to do it I would cringe and make up every excuse in the world why it wasn’t for me. I have my heart problem, I have a pacemaker, I am a working mom with two kids, and the excuses went on and on.

Over the last five years I have become much more focused on my health and well being. I have overhauled my diet and eat very healthy, and started an exercise regimen that includes water aerobics several times a week, 2-3 mile walks a day when possible, and also recently took up golf. I have been pretty proud of myself.

One thing I have noticed over the last six months it that when I don’t exercise for several days, I become sluggish and my memory deteriorates. I get severe brain fog and I get in a slump. Then when I get back to my exercise routine I feel so much better and perform so much better cognitively. Darn it, I guess those doctors are right.

Currently the holiday seasons are upon us, and I have had a lot of visitors at our home in Florida. This has resulted in not following my diet (but enjoying myself immensely with my company), and no exercise. Guess what?? I feel like crap and I have gained weight. I’m pretty disgusted with myself right now.

So there can be no rest for the wicked. I am in a funk, and I can’t think straight and am having a difficult time making it through the day. I have a new motto: Exercise as if my life depends on it. It does, and I know it. If I am going to keep this Alzheimer’s at bay I have to keep the blood flow going to my brain, eat healthy and remove toxins from my environment. Over the last two years I have been following my daily brain health checklist religiously. I didn’t realize how much it was helping until I fell off the wagon this holiday season.

When we know better we do better. I’m all over it. Not today, Alzheimer’s , not today. This gal has to go out and exercise!

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