Chuck Gaidica Interviews Me for Alzheimer’s Voices

I was honored to be interviewed by Chuck Gaidica regarding my Alzheimer’s diagnosis and what it is like to be a relatively young person who has been diagnosed with this horrible disease. For those of you who don’t know Chuck, he was a newscaster in the Detroit area for many, many years. His mother recently died from Alzheimer’s disease and he has been a welcome voice in our fight to find a cure.

Chuck Gaidica and I in 2019 at the Detroit Walk to End Alzheimer’s

I met Chuck in August 2019 when I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Detroit. Chuck was the emcee. I was selected to be the person on the stage to hold the blue flower, which signifies a person who is currently living with the disease. Chuck, and another news anchor, Diana Lewis told my story on stage. It was very moving, and I was honored to represent everyone who is plagued by this disease.

Diana Lewis, Kelly Bone & Chuck Gaidica at the 2019 Detroit Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Walk to End Alzheimers has a lot of significance for me. I started walking in it when my Mom was ill with Alzheimer’s and fund raising to help find a cure. She died two months before one of the walks I participated in and I remember finding it to be so heart wrenching to see so many people at the walk praying for a cure. Every one of these people have in some way been touched by the disease. For the last two years I have walked in the walk to help find a cure for myself, and all the other people who will be impacted by this disease. In 2019 I raised $10K. That is just a drop in the bucket for the amount of money it will take to find a cure.

This year I am fundraising for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s but I am not walking because of COVID 19. I am high risk and cannot risk it. As of today, I have raised almost 4K. Please consider donating even a small amount. We need to find a cure for me and all the people currently living with this disease and also eradicate it for future generations.

Not today, Alzheimer’s, not today!

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