I Had A Brain Fart All Week

Like all people with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, I get brain fog occasionally and it usually only lasts for a few hours or a day. I forget most short term things that are told to me within a minute or two although my long term memory is good.

What was unusual this week though is that the brain fog, or lack of memory lasted the entire week. No matter what I did it did not seem to help. One day I drove to the grocery store to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy and came home with grapes. My husband asked “how much was your prescription”? I said “I don’t know I didn’t get it”. He reminded me that is why I went there. Another day I went to the post office to mail a package, and realized when I got there I forgot the package. Two days ago, I used my golf checklist at home to make sure I had everything I needed for golf. I did have it…..except I left it on the kitchen counter and had to return home to get it. Also, my electrophysiologist asked me to ask my neurologist a question and let him know. My electrophysiologist called me and answered my question. I called the cardiologist immediately and when I went to tell her what she said I could not remember it. These are just a few examples of how my days last week have gone…. this continued for the entire day.

After the second day, my husband realized that something seemed “really off” with me and suggested I lay down and take a nap. That did help. We had a very busy week last week, and I didn’t get to exercise the way I should, didn’t eat very healthy and didn’t nap like I should. I will tell you that it has been downright frightening to say the least and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Usually I have several good days and occasionally a bad day. Not a string of bad days. Holy crap.

I am trying really hard to not freak out. I am an extremely high energy person, who can multi-task like no one you have ever seen. Well, I could multi-task, until the past week. In an effort to regain my memory I have to get back to my old routine, which is exercise, exercise, exercise and follow my brain health checklist. I have also created a journal using my Day One App called “Stuff I need to remember” and every time I talk to someone and they tell me something I have to remember I am going to try to get in the habit of recordIng it in my journal which I can do by dictating it or typing it in. Then hopefully, when I can’t remember it I will at hopefully remember to at least look in my journal. I have blogged about how I use this app before in helping record my memories but now I need to take it to level.

This is not how I thought my life would be, and I am hopeful this is just a blip for me and that I am not starting a downward spiral. I would appreciate your prayers and positive vibes. I am confident I can rebound.

Peace out. Not today, Alzheimer’s not today!

6 thoughts on “I Had A Brain Fart All Week

  1. Dear Kelly, I just read your note from today, Monday the 17, and pressed leave a reply but worried, for some unknown reason, it didn’t get to you. I’m sorry I forgot to screen shot it so I could repeat it. But, if you get this and want me to , I could repeat. It’s not happening to you today. Also, stop the multitasking; am sure u know so this just reminder. My best email is jeaniek98@gmail.com.🙏 Or, you could call me at (913) 293-9350. I only answer if I know who calling. I won’t recognize your phone number but, if you dial me twice( or even 3 time in quick succession), then I’ll know it’s you and will pick up or call you back.
    Sending good vibes,
    Jeanie Keeny


  2. Kelly, First-thank you for making me laugh.
    Second-perhaps there is something else going on like a vitamin deficiency or Urinary tract infection OR just too much stuff on your to do list. I am not a doctor-but a visit to your doctor might help you feel better.
    Third-why isn’t your list on your smart phone? Your phone should be attached to your car keys. See…you can’t leave without the keys, phone & list. Problem solved 😎
    We all have our moments and pre-diagnosis you would have shaken your head & laughed this off. I will pray for you that all the challenges are temporary & things get back to normal quickly.


    1. Hi Michele. Thank you for writing. My to do its is on my smart phone. Your assuming I can remember to look at it. I also have reminders set to remind me about stuff, but then I dismiss the reminder, and forget what it reminded me about. Right now I never forget my phone but if I forget to look at the reminder list or act immediately when it reminds me it doesn’t help. This is not a normal ‘forgetful moment”. This has been forgetful 8 days and counting. I met with my doctor today and they think potentially the high heat in Florida is causing it as well as the fact that I am exercising so much in the high heat that they believe it is contributing to it. Thank you!


  3. Hi Kelly,
    Just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog and have been touched by your posts. I am 68 and recently came to accept that I have contracted Mild Cognitive Impairment – Stage 3 Alzheimer’s. My onset was apparently caused by or coincided with COVID-19. I was very sick with it for 52 days. It started in before Christmas and extended until Feb 5/6. I have multiple senior moments daily, with occasional bouts of confusion, and have had several amnesiac episodes. It is shocking how quickly I have progressed. I now experience mild anxiety frequently, but not daily so far. I decided several months ago that I would write a weekly blog piece to document the progress, but have yet to complete one. I have ~ a dozen partially completed drafts.

    My biggest worry is becoming a drain/burden for my wife, kids, and grandkids. Hopefully, I will be able to recognize it. I don’t intend to let that happen. I just hope it is years away.
    I wish you and your family all the best and that your progression slows to an inch worm crawl.


    1. Hi Bob, I am so sorry to hear about your condition. I share your concern about being a burden to my husband and kids. I am also very sorry to hear you had COVID. I am doing everything I can to ensure I don’t get it. My Alzheimer’s doc and cardiologist do not think I would survive it. Please keep in touch and I hope my blogs help you. Take care and I will pray for you.

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      1. I have an appointment next Monday 8/24 with a Neurologist to complete an assessment. I have already had brain MRIs, CT, echocardiogram, and vascular sonograms of my neck.


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