Alzheimer’s To Do List: Planned my Funeral (complete)!

This is one of two urns that my ashes will go in. This one is for my family. I love dolphins so this is fitting.

I am pretty confident that I am one of the most organized person probably on the planet (I am confident my friends and family would agree as well). A planner by nature, and profession (I am a certified Project Manager Professional), I have. a plan and spreadsheet for everything. The week after I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in December 2019 I documented my Alzheimer’s Business Plan which is everything I need to do before my condition deteriorates.

The most recent thing I accomplished was that I finalized my brain donation for Alzheimer’s research as well as pre-planned my funeral. My husband I just finalized it last Friday. I am going to be cremated and my remains will be put in two different urns: one for my loved ones to keep and one which will be put out in the Gulf of Mexico near Boca Grande, Florida where my Mom’s remains are. We also picked out the box that my body will go in the crematorium, and my flowers I want at my memorial service. I am not going to have a funeral, we are going to have two parties, one in Florida where I live now which will be attended by friends and also one in Michigan where I lived for the majority of my life and will be attendeed by my family and friends.

This is the urn that will hold my remains and will be set to sea in the Gulf of Mexico

I have also documented my funeral wishes for my husband and loved ones with step by step instructions as to what I have pre-planned and pre-paid for. I did this so I can make it easier for them after my death. I remember when my Mom passed away from Alzheimer’s and we had already preplanned and paid for her funeral and it made things so much easier on me and her loved ones. I want that for my husband. He is about to go through the most dark, and difficult time of his life because of me, and anyway I can ease the burden for him, I’m going to do it.

Some of my friends and people who read my blog can’t believe how matter of fact I am about all of this. I am a realist. I am pragmatic. I have been dealt a crappy hand, but I am making the best out of a horrible situation. A my Alzheimer’s doctor and I discussed…….I want to get all this crappy depressing stuff out of the way early, which I am still cognitive and able to control my emotions and then when it’s all done, I’m just having fun, and enjoying every last minute of my life while I can.

After we picked up the urns, and met with the funeral home director to put the finishing touches on my funeral plans, my husband and I went out to a romantic dinner in Sarasota, Florida. We always try to do something fun and memorable after doing something difficult and depressing Here we are that evening.

Our post funeral planning romantic evening!

Life is good! Not today, Alzheimer’s not today!

Please consider donating to my Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I am $400 short of my goal of $5K. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s To Do List: Planned my Funeral (complete)!

  1. I am so touched by your story. I, too am going to plan for myself. I just lost my mother in law and she had everything paid for and step by step instructions . She even payed out the PJ’s she wanted us to put on her. She left them in a draw all by themselves. Her final request was that she died at home with her family around. She did.


  2. Thank you so much for writing. Your story resonates with me. When my Mom died and all the funeral arrangement were made it made it so much easier for me and allowed me to grieve and not worry about all this other stuff. She is lucky she died at home with her family around. I most likely will be in hospice, hopefully with family around. God bless and thanks for writing.


  3. You are an amazing woman Kelly! I agree with you on getting things in order so you can enjoy life without a cloud over your head. See you in a few months dear friend! We’ll have fun days together!
    Love & Hugs~


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