New Development: I Can’t Walk Through a Door Without Bumping Myself

I thought I was just having a rough few months, and was just clumsy. I am not normally a clumsy person (although I do tend to be accident prone), but I cannot deny the fact that I have developed a new problem. It happens 90% of the time now. For some reason, I cannot get through a door opening without running into the side of the door jam or wall , always on the left hand side. My husband, Kim, has noticed as well, and at first he attributed it to the fact that I was distracted, or rushing. We realized this week however that it happens almost every time I go through a door regardless of what I am doing.

I have been going for regularly eye exams after my recent surgery in July for narrow angle glaucoma and they assure me that my vision is fine. I have spoken to several people who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia and that changes to peripheral vision, balance, and gait are normal. Apparently, if I get a order from my doctor to see a occupational therapist they can help me learn ways to retrain my brain to not do this. For the next few weeks until I can get into my neurologist, I am going to try to remember to walk near the right edge of the door and hope that I will end up in the middle of it.

I also have been told that this probably means that this stupid ass Alzheimer’s disease (pardon my French) is progressing. I was at the beginning of stage 3 and I am hoping to stay in stage 3 for awhile, but what my hopes are and what actually happens is out of my control. I have to stay positive and keep fighting. Exercise, socialize, eat a healthy diet, and sleep are the keys to my success.

Not today, Alzheimer’s not today!

3 thoughts on “New Development: I Can’t Walk Through a Door Without Bumping Myself

  1. Oh dear…and I love your attitude. I like your solution too! I use that when I golf. I aim my ball straight to the pin and the ball always goes far left. So I mostly aim far right of the pin…and sometimes I even end up on the green, ha! It works! I hope this works for you also 💛


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