Looking Forward to 2021 Despite Alzheimers

As the sun sets on 2020, it is time to reflect on the few great memories that were made, relationships established and lives lost. This was an unusual year for everyone because of the COVID pandemic. Relationships were often maintained via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype (thank God for technology), plans were put on hold and many people lost loved ones without being able to be there with them. My husband and I lost his Mom this year, but thankfully we were there with her because she died at home. This was a year of very few things that I honestly want to remember. This was a year of fear, political division, hardship, and uncertainty for so many people. I for one, will be glad to say goodbye to 2020.

The promise of the New Year , a COVID vaccination and a new President brings hopes of freedom to move about freely virus free, a united America, and a prosperous economy. The promise of that certainly sounds better than what we endured in 2020. With Alzheimer’s though, it’s a bit tougher to look forward with hopeful optimism. One of the things I have learned with this disease (I am in the middle of stage 3 out of 7 stages) is that there can be good days and bad days, but when there are bad days, they are filled with confusion and the inability to function easily). I still have more good days than bad days but the bad days are creeping in more often now.

It has become abundantly clear to me that for me to continue to find joy in my life, that I can’t focus on my future (which looks pretty dismal), but instead focus on the present. I need to be present and enjoy every day, every minute that I have of good cognition. I need to cherish the moments I have with my friends and family, the memories I have of days gone by, and the music that fills my life. Tomorrow is not promised for anyone. Some people are more likely to live longer healthier lives than I am, but I still have a lot of living left to do, and a lot of love to give to family and friends.

So I am hopeful……that I can start living my life virus free, start seeing my family and friends again, travel and make the best out of every day, every moment that I have. Sending abundant love and prayers your way for a peaceful and healthy 2021.

Not today, Alzheimer’s, not today!

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6 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2021 Despite Alzheimers

  1. I am wishing you and your family well Kate. I too appreciate living ONE DAY AT A TIME. No one has control over the past or the future. Our gift today is THE PRESENT! May you find good things in your Present. Hugs ands blessings, Debra Hague


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